Push Notification in Android vs IOS

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Push Notification in Android vs IOS

Generally, a few years before developers used GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) to Send Push Notification to Android and iOS Apps Using PHP and Firebase, GCM was released in 2012 and was a mobile platform leading to contact. user and notify of a special event.

But recently, Google introduced Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), which is much more advanced than GCM with additional features and structures.This post may be very beneficial for php developers who need to send app notifications to android and IOS devices using FCM.

Push notification has become a viral protocol that puts more pressure on your business. Here we can give an explanation about, what is the app notification? Here we will explain how to send application notifications with the help of various technologies such as PHP (personal home page), GCM (Google cloud message), and FCM (firebase cloud message)? So let's get started.

Push Notification:

App notification plays a very effective role when you want to sell any product or when you want to advertise something offered in your store. In short, it is very helpful to inform your user about your new business

For general use, app notifications are the message / notifications you will receive on your android device.

This permits clients to speak with customers in digital environments.

Now here's a step on how to send Push Notification to Android and iOS applications Using PHP and Firebase.

How to Send Push Notification ?

Now here's a step on how to send Push Notification to Android and iOS applications Using PHP and Firebase.

To send GCM messages, you need two things:

  • Authorization/Server Key
  • Device Token
  • The device token is always assigned to the android device, which is a unique feature so it is obviously provided by the app developer using the AP

    Now Lets Create FCM Class File

    1. First of all, if you have not yet installed XAMPP / WAMP in your system please do it first and once installed then go to your wamp / xampp directory and create a “Notification” folder within htdocs. If you use XAMPP, and if you use wamp it will be www
    2. Create a file named “FCM.php” and copy the code below and paste it into the FCM.php file. Also, here you need to define the Firebase Server API key in order to send a request to the firebase.
    3. Please do not forget to replace your Firebase Server API key from the google API Console page

    4. This is the last and last step you have to create a file called index.php and copy-paste the code inside it.
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