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What is Functional Testing?

What is Functional Testing?

FUNCTIONAL TESTING is a type of software testing that verifies that the software system meets the functional requirements. Functional tests are used to verify the output of a software application by providing appropriate input and comparing it to the functional requirements.
Functional testing is primarily concerned with black box testing and is not concerned with the application's source code. This testing examines the Application Under Test's user interface, APIs, database, security, client/server communication, and other features. The testing can be done either manually or using automation.

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What do you test in Functional Testing?

The excellent goal of Functional testing is really taking a look at the
functionalities of the product framework. It basically focuses on –

  • Mainline capacities: Testing the primary elements of an application
  • Essential Usability: It includes fundamental ease of use testing of the framework. It checks whether a client can openly explore through the screens with no challenges.
  • Openness: Checks the availability of the framework for the client
  • Blunder Conditions: Usage of testing methods to check for mistake conditions. It checks whether appropriate mistake messages are shown.

How to do Functional Testing

Following is a step by step process on How to do Functional Testing

  • Understand the Functional Requirements
  • Identify test input or test data based on requirements
  • Compute the expected outcomes with selected test input values
  • Execute test cases
  • Compare actual and computed expected results
What are the benefits of functional testing -
  • It delivers an imperfection free item.
  • It guarantees that the client is fulfilled.
  • It guarantees that all prerequisites met.
  • It guarantees the legitimate working of all the usefulness of an application/programming/item.
  • It guarantees that the product/item function true to form
  • It guarantees security and wellbeing
  • It works on the nature of the item.


In Software Testing, Functional testing is a course of testing functionalities of the framework and guarantees that the framework is filling in according to the functionalities determined in the business record. The objective of this testing is to check whether the framework is practically great!!!

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